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Just wrapping up a recent project with this little creation.  A client with very specific needs left me with a 1200 colorful files.  Don’t blink, you might miss a few options.

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Back in the studio this week to shoot some more tackle.  This time it’s some close up work for an upcoming print catalog.  Perfect time to tinker around in post and create some sparkle.  Here are a few shiny lures from the Canyon Gear collection.



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No sunscreen, no salt spray, no moving parts. It’s studio time. I’m gearing up to shoot the entire line of Canyon Gear lures this month for a revolutionary web site they are building. It will be like nothing the tackle industry has seen when it’s complete. Meanwhile, I have lots of files yet to capture. I’ve partnered up with Catalog Kings in their Pompano Beach studio to pull this off. So much to learn inside those walls.

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New Toy

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I’ve taken to the skies with my latest advertising client.  The global aeronautic company Embraer has picked a nice jumping Blue Marlin for their new ad campaign.  This campaign features the Phenom 300.  An executive jet that is unparalleled in it’s class – range 1,971 NM, max speed Mach 0.78, max operating altitude 45,000 feet, and an interior design by BMW designworksUSA.  And you thought a fishing boat was a cool toy…


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I recently had the opportunity to shoot the newest boat to leave the shed at Weaver Boatworks – 80′ Islamar.  This boat was going to be stopping in Palm Beach for a few days during it’s delivery to Puerto Rico for it’s new owner.  I caught up with it one day in the boat yard for some interior work.  And then the next morning offshore while Jim Weaver and the new owners took her out for a Marlin Magazine boat review.  What an amazing boat.  Weaver has again raised the bar for state of the art custom boatbuilding with this hull.  Here is a boat review piece I put together.  Thanks to Andy at Ocean Helicopters for the ride.

To see more still images of this incredible sport fisherman on my AquaPaparazzi.com photo web site, type “Weaver” in the keyword search box.


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The UPS man just dropped off a new toy. Canon’s latest piece of glass is a 8-15mm fish eye zoom. I always did have a soft spot for wide angles. Now I can satisfy that urge to the point of uber excess. Can’t wait to take this thing out on the water and put it thru some paces. Until then, I’m stuck with lens testing around the house. Sure looks sharp so far …. watch your toes.

 (Scott Kerrigan)

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I recently decided to treat myself to some more memory cards. With file sizes ever expanding, my old collection of 1, 2, and 4 GB cards were seeming a bit small during some days offshore when the action heated up. Add the occasional movie clip to that and those cards fill up fast. So I surfed around and found an attractive offer for a two pack of Lexar 300x UDMA 16 GB CF cards. They arrived one week ahead of my departure for a photo shoot in the Yucatan. Plenty of time to test them out. Luckily I did since one failed after just a few captures/dumps/formats. Although the matching card is still working now, I sure can’t trust it to do any better. So after a tech call to Bombay, where they diagnosed the sick card to be in need of replacement, I was transferred to Lexar customer service in Boise. They couldn’t have been more helpful. Normally exchanges are only done with the company where you purchase the item (Adorama). They not only offered to exchange both cards just in case, they are even overnighting the two replacement cards to me in time to make the upcoming trip to Mexico. Maybe my subtle hints of how happy and trouble free my SanDisk experience has been going all these years had something to do with it?  Fingers crossed…

UPDATE – The replacement cards arrived on time as promised in time for my trip. I shot for 8 days exclusively with these two cards and loved it. It’s so nice to have plenty of space. The Lexar cards performed fast and flawless.

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Interesting news out of Hollywood today – The season finale of the U.S. TV series House, airing tonight (Monday, May 17 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT)), was captured with Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II. This makes it “the first network television prime time drama episode to be shot entirely on a Digital SLR camera,” says a Canon USA press release. In addition to shooting the episode on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EF lenses were used for a complete Canon workflow for image capture. Recording every second of footage to compact flash cards, the crew for HOUSE took full advantage of a completely digital workflow and was able to complete filming the entire episode in just 10 days. That is pretty amazing how far the DSLR has come. Yikes, why does it take me several weeks to edit a batch of fish pictures?

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