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Here’s where we all want to be …

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Some rainy day time spent in front of the computer this morning and I came up with this. This sequence comes from the Venezuela archive and was always a favorite of mine. It was taken just after sunset on a very gray and cloudy day. This late in the day the ISO gets cranked up and the shutter speed rolls down and I usually cross my fingers too. Everything came together with this fish as I prefocused on the distance I thought we had to go and hoped the flash batteries could keep up if I got lucky. It all came together with this sequence and I was reminded to never give up when the light fades and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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These are the types of blog entries I dread. The Sportfishing community has lost a legend. Capt. Mike Benitez passed away last night. For over sixty years Mike has been involved in our industry. I only knew Mike for the last 15 years as a regular fixture at Club Nautico Marina in San Juan. Every year when I would pass thru, he was kind, helpful, and always had a story to share. A few years ago I had the opportunity to photograph him while he caught a Blue Marlin in the SJIBT. He is one hell of an angler. He will surely be missed. RIP Mike.

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