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Here is a test of your eyes, by looking into theirs.  Click on the photo below and try to guess the species from the ten eyeballs that will appear on screen.eye_opener02_640x360


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Recent travels have me standing on a roof top at 4:00 am shooting panoramas.  Not a bad spot to be.


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Back in the studio this week to shoot some more tackle.  This time it’s some close up work for an upcoming print catalog.  Perfect time to tinker around in post and create some sparkle.  Here are a few shiny lures from the Canyon Gear collection.



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Some rainy day time spent in front of the computer this morning and I came up with this. This sequence comes from the Venezuela archive and was always a favorite of mine. It was taken just after sunset on a very gray and cloudy day. This late in the day the ISO gets cranked up and the shutter speed rolls down and I usually cross my fingers too. Everything came together with this fish as I prefocused on the distance I thought we had to go and hoped the flash batteries could keep up if I got lucky. It all came together with this sequence and I was reminded to never give up when the light fades and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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