Posted in photo business on May 26th, 2011 by Scott

DAM as in Digital Asset Management – As a long time user of iView Media Pro software, I spent years avoiding the versions that MicroSoft put out after they acquired the company and renamed it Expression Media. iView Media Pro did it all, read all types of files, and worked fast and smoothly. It just plain worked. In four years of MS development, I never read of any improvements. I was excited to read that Expressions Media was recently purchased by Phase One and would once again be the go to software for managing a collection of digital files on a Mac. Who wouldn’t be. Phase One is a major player in the high end digital imaging field in both hardware and software. Unfortunately, this upgrade is a step backwards. The performance of even displaying an image file on screen is many times slower than than the 10 year old software that was iView. I made the mistake of paying for this “upgrade” and installing it first before reading the forums. Now I see posts from plenty of users who are not happy with this release and feel like they are having to pay to be beta testers for Phase One. There is a lesson in there somewhere…

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