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I’ve taken to the skies with my latest advertising client.  The global aeronautic company Embraer has picked a nice jumping Blue Marlin for their new ad campaign.  This campaign features the Phenom 300.  An executive jet that is unparalleled in it’s class – range 1,971 NM, max speed Mach 0.78, max operating altitude 45,000 feet, and an interior design by BMW designworksUSA.  And you thought a fishing boat was a cool toy…


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The show has come and gone, so has the rain.  Unlucky timing for all involved as a tropical blob sat on top of the show weekend forcing one of two days to be canceled.  I went down to the beach for practice day and had a nice window of weather.  Click the image below to see some highlights:

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That’s the first thing that came to mind this afternoon while sitting in my house. It didn’t take long to connect the dots however. It is Fleet Week here in FLL. And that can mean only one thing. The aerial might of the US Military is in town and getting ready for the Air Show this weekend. It wasn’t thunder I was hearing, it was the sound of Freedom! We were treated to multiple fly overs by the US Air Force Thunderbirds at what seemed like tree top level. My neighborhood appears to be one of the turning points for part of their show. Incredible hardware, unforgettable sound. I was lucky enough to get to meet and photograph the team in their lair a few years ago…somewhere in the Nevada dessert. What a cool experience to see them in their house. Now I got to seem them in mine.

A pair of birds parked in the driveway – Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Fighting Falcon.



The team relaxing on the ground.



Polished and ready to rock – top speed 1,320 mph / 29,000 lbs of thrust


The entire flock.



That is one bad ass air pump.



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