Growing up in South Florida, I was always outdoors and always around water. Surfing, boating, and fishing could be enjoyed year round and I made it my mission to do just that. My love of fishing and travel then took me all through the Bahamas and the Caribbean while working as a deckie aboard a traveling sport boat. Early on I discovered a passion for photography and capturing the natural beauty of the places and animals I encountered. I documented my experiences and catches for many years while working full time. Then an accident at work gave me the kick I needed to venture out on my own. I started Aqua Paparazzi, Inc. in 2002 as a stock photo agency that specializes in the niche market of big game offshore sport fishing. I now maintain and market a growing stock file of rare and unique marine images to clients worldwide. Currently based in South Florida, I travel the globe shooting and specializing in sport fishing action, lifestyle, and travel. I am always available for private bookings or special event coverage. Please call me to discuss your needs.

I use this blog to share some experiences that happen behind the camera and along the way in my travels. At the same time, show off some cool images that might not make it into the media portals for one reason or another. Feel free to send me a comment, question, or thought.