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Calm weather, apex predators, and a team of marine scientists. Has all the makings for an interesting photo shoot. And it’s going down right now in Isla Mujeres. The goal is to put satellite tags in these animals to learn more about their movements. More to follow…




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We didn’t catch many, but at least it was rough.  This four minute clip from my last trip to Australia will show you what I mean.

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Here is a test of your eyes, by looking into theirs.  Click on the photo below and try to guess the species from the ten eyeballs that will appear on screen.eye_opener02_640x360


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The July moon is ramping up and so is the fishing.  With 10-15 boats fishing the North Drop each day, the number of marlin bites has been increasing each day for the fleet.  One or two bites per boat turned into 2 releases per boat yesterday.  A mild tropical wave is rolling thru today ahead of the start of 50th annual July Open Billfish Tournament this weekend.  Stay tuned for a fishing report.

1944-189I might have a little spray on the lens after this catch.

1944-083A calm jumper on the leader.





The bite.  What can I say, the bite on the pitch bait is what it’s all about.

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Last week I was invited to go bass fishing.  Something I haven’t done in 20 years.  The best part is that the location was just an hour drive away.  Our morning half day charter began with a meeting in a Home Depot parking lot where we met Capt. Roger Gonzales.  He is one of the guides with  A short drive away to some private property that only he has access to and we were launching the skiff.  This location was a bit sparse on the scenery and natural beauty that most fishing trips provide, but I quickly got over that when the Peacock Bass started biting.  These are amazing little fish.  We did some sight casting with top water plugs to fish along the shoreline.  And some slow trolling with live shiners along the drop off.  The topwater bites are remind me of a Jack Crevalle, fast and aggressive.  Our biggest catch was about 4 lbs, with plenty of smaller fish.  Even a few Largemouth Bass too.  All in all, a great trip full of action.  Roger runs a fantastic charter operation and really knows hows these fish think and how to get them to bite.  I highly recommend a fishing trip with him if you want to see some South Florida Peacocks.







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Recent travels have me standing on a roof top at 4:00 am shooting panoramas.  Not a bad spot to be.


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Just wrapping up a recent project with this little creation.  A client with very specific needs left me with a 1200 colorful files.  Don’t blink, you might miss a few options.

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Here’s where we all want to be …

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How about a quick instructional video.  Nothing like watching someone with mad skills prep some bait.

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The original Batmobile is going up for sale, for the very first time, in January.  This iconic car is a one-off Lincoln Futura concept car built in 1955.  Three speed automatic V8 for power and loaded with a multitude of bells and whistles.  But really, all I want to do is burn down my street shooting a giant flame out of the nozzle in in the trunk.  Can I?  Please…

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