Well it’s finally happened.  Someone has finally caught a fish large enough to set a new Bahamian Blue Marlin record.  A quick history is that back in 1979, Miami developer Sam Jennings was fishing a Bimini BBC tournament on his boat the “JC”.  Late in the afternoon on the last day of the event they trolled over toward a Frigate Bird and hooked a monster fish right out front.  Epic battle, mates swimming over to help with the gaffs, and a WFO run across the sandbar gets them to the weigh in scale just in the nick of time.  Ends up being 1060 lbs, and this record holds for the last 32 years.  Fast forward to this week and we find team Double Dog fishing the final leg of the BBC out of Treasure Cay.  Bahamian angler David Albury hooked the fish and took three hours to reel it in.  This monster ends up weighing in at 1119 lbs!  This record should hold a while.

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  1. Hi Scott,
    I just thought you may be interested. The team Double Dog and the Bahamian Grander is referenced in my new Thriller – “Fish House” the event was a key motivator for the evil antagonist in the novel. You can read it in Chapter 3 which is viewable through the “look inside” feature on amazon – the kindle version. All the best…. Stephen

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